The Octane Factory Blog Network

The Octane Factory is a blog network of niche subjects. The common theme is one of bespoke content creation with a strong automotive, photographic and lifestyle theme. There is a strong cross-pollination across the websites which gives advertisers an excellent opportunity of exposure across several audiences with interests in common. Many enthusiasts of the automotive genres we publish for also have strong interest in photography and spend significant sums on obtaining the latest equipment. Likewise, car photography enthusiasts have a natural interest in automotive websites. When managed correctly and creatively, we can advertise, promote or review your products across several websites in a non-intrusive way welcomed by our readership.

Headed by professional writer and photographer Neill Watson, the network is growing organically through use of social media, discussions on enthusiast motoring forums and a growing email list of subscribers. The core themes of each respective blog gives companies the opportunity to promote themselves across several different audiences that share common demographic but differing niche interests.


Based around the automotive and photographic genres, each website drills down into niches and indeed sub-niches of those areas which are still significant markets. For advertisers, this gives a tightly targeted, receptive audience with a pre-qualified interest in your business.

With a total of 50,000 visitors over the last six months and 150,000 page views, the audience is rapidly growing. As more marketing, exciting content and other elements all added, the traffic is set to expand rapidly through the second half of 2012. This gives advertisers a unique opportunity to take advantage of low advertising rates that will not be available once the traffic rates increase.
Read more about the network on the links below.

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